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Riverside Vines Event Venue, Lake Chesdin Event Venue, Vineyard

Our Story

   The Thibault's embarked on their winemaking journey in early 2009 with the purchase of Ashton Creek Vineyard in Chester, VA. The vineyard and its first-generation vintner, Alan Thibault, soon became staples in the community as they began crafting award-winning wines and providing excellent service in both the food & beverage and wedding industries. Their passion for producing revered, estate-grown wines and hosting grand celebrations expanded alongside the business until it was finally time to pour their love for what they do into a new project - thus, the establishment of Riverside Vines.

     Riverside Vines holds decades worth of fond memories from its previously known designation, Leonard's Campground. Upon acquiring the property and putting down roots, the Thibault's set out to restore it to its former glory of being a place where people can come together and enjoy all of the beauty that Lake Chesdin has to offer. What are now known as our Vintner's Lounge and Chateau Thibault were once a tackle shop and family home, beautifully reimagined to become the sites for celebratory gatherings and relaxing escapes. Every acre of Riverside Vines is a labor of love that symbolizes the seamless union of old and new, and that exudes the feeling of home that can be felt in every visit and event. 

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